Monday, December 17, 2007

Carina Round / Lupen Crook / Tom Bellamy Birmingham Bar Academy Monday 10th December 2007

She was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar...all will become clear later...which makes a change I guess. First up, local singer songwriter and his posse Tom Bellamy who has a clutch of rather top notch folk tinged tracks all rather well arranged and beautifully played. Astoria and The Striking both stood out for me in particular on the night and you can see what you missed by clicking on his name and checking out his My Space (see how good I am to you eh...all you have to do is click...think of all the effort I put in to this...I have to make at least three clicks).

Next up Lupen Crook and the Murderbirds (grrrrrr...imagine that eh...birds that murder people...I think pigeons would be up for that....they always look a bit they're packing heat under their dirty wings...crows are well scary too...the hit man of the bird world...robins would poison you I reckon...they'd lull you into a false sense of security with their pretty breasts then drizzle some polonium onto your cereal whilst you ain't looking...anyway...). A rare old mix of punk folk LC and the M are all sweet vocals one minute then all out shoutyness the next. They had a bloke who played a hub cap too. You don't see enough hub cap players these days. Bravo.

Right, I'll refer you back to the start of this review - which seems a lifetime ago to me, so god knows how you must feel. Yes, the first time I saw Carina Round she was literally working as a waitress in a cocktail bar...well, a Jazz Club (it was Ronnie Scott's on Broad Steeet, now the 'Rocket Club'...from jazz club to jizz club eh?) anyway, which is close enough. This was some time ago I'll grant you, but I can still recall being mightily impressed. The fact that she sang a cover version of The Associates track Party Fears Two (just go listen to and watch the's an awesome tune) cemented my affection. Then, after seeing her a couple of times, I somehow failed to follow her career as I should've done (that's me...a musical whore all over). I'm delighted to say that the Carina Round of 2007 is even better than the Carina Round of 1997. The same fire is still there but it's like a fine malt now...smoother, richer and altogether more satisfying. Unfairly, in my eyes at least, compared to PJ Harvey she's got more of a bluesy, almost gospel tinge to her voice, punctuated with primal screams of passion, rage and pain. Playing on her own (apart from a couple of tracks when she was joined by the lovely Chrissy Van Dyke) she kept the room enraptured for a good hour and a half (a real rarity these days).

She seemed genuinely moved that we were all there to see her in her home town (yes I know she's from Wolverhampton but we're all one big happy family in the Midlands eh?). A real contender for gig of the year, which, as it was my 98th (yikes!), is some accolade.


Anonymous said...

I was at this! How on earth did I miss you?

Ooh, the commenting screen is all different. Let's hope this works...

The Baron said...

Hi Russ, I was right at the front on the left jammed against the speaker...all ninja like...she was awesome though wasn't she?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. My wavering faith in her has been restored.

On the left as you look at the stage? I couldn't have been standing too far away from you. Craziness.

Are you going to try to make it to 100 gigs before the year ends? You've thoroughly beaten me - I'm on 64 with only one more planned.

The Baron said...

Oh yes. The Kamikaze! from last Friday (which I posted before the Carina review)was number 99 and I'm planning to do this weeks which will be number 100...then I'm going to have a lie down.

Have a great Christmas!