Saturday, December 22, 2007

The High Society / Trust My Dishonour / The First Seven Rainbow, Digbeth Friday 21st December 2007

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt's Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!!!!!! My thanks to Noddy Holder for introducing this weeks Kamikaze! review. It is indeed Christmas and how better to celebrate the birth of little baby J than some ROCK! Yes ROCK! With a capital RRRRRR! This was probably the rockiest Kamikaze! so far and The First Seven kicked it all off with some fine QOTSA tinged tracks, a respectable amount of fret wanking and some nice slow build solos. Although they're all established musicians (being ex members of Honeyman and Blackballoon) this was only their second gig together and an impressive start. These guys can play.

Next up Trust My Dishonour, a harder, scuzzier breed of rock monster. Echoes of Skid Row perhaps (yes I am that old). Lead Dishonour Rob has the coolest mic in rock (a glorious 50's looking thing which takes a mighty verbal pounding), and makes a great frontman for the band's full on, bullshit free aural assault. Straight, no chaser.

Finally, The High Society (pictured)...featuring ex members of King Adora. I loved King Adora. I seem to remember that they had a link with a band called Twist (an all girl group who were seriously good back in the day...whatever happened to them?) and can vaguely recall some rather excellent sweaty gigs at The Flapper & Firkin. I even bought the CD. Anyway, that was then...what of now? Well dear readers I think we have an awesome one here. Vocalist Maxi Brown is becoming some kind of glorious glam Johnny Thunders kind of creature, they have a drummer who I could watch all night (put that guy at the front too!) and the rest of the band provide cock on, deep down n'dirty gutter rock (yes...that's 'cock on'). Imagine Marilyn Manson fucking the corpse of Marc Bolan...backed by a thousand sex dwarfs beating the hell out of sheet metal and guitars and you've got a vague idea of what it all sounds like. Of course it's easier to just listen to their My Space tracks but then I don't get to write the words 'sex' and' dwarves' or indeed imagine Marilyn Manson fucking the corpse of Marc Bolan. That's besides the point I guess. What matters is that you fall in love with The High Society today, get their name tattooed across your chest, drink a bottle of Jack and make mad passionate love to the first boy, girl or boy and girl you like the look of. Oh, and Happy Christmas by the way.

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