Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding

Syria? North Korea? Spain? The rest of Europe? The odds on some sort of military conflict involving the UK before too much longer seen to be dropping by the day. War, as Culture Club once put it, is stupid but there we go, the human race doesn't seem to have learnt many lessons over the past few thousand years eh? Pop's littered with anti-war classics but perhaps one of the best is Elvis Costello's Shipbuilding. Inspired by the Falkland's conflict almost 40 years ago it's just as pertinent today, even though the British Navy doesn't seem to have any ruddy ships anymore, at least not ones that work. Anyway, whilst Costello's version is good Robert Wyatt's is utterly brilliant. I'm guessing there's pretty much zero chance that you won't have heard it before but just in case you haven't give it a spin.

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