Monday, April 24, 2017

A Trio of Trios! Live!

Heads up if you're in or around Brum this Friday evening (April 28th) as The Station in Kings Heath hosts three of the City's finest three pieces for a mere fiver (£3 if you're a student). The Crooked Hooks kick things of at 8-ish, Balaban and the Bald Illeagles seize the baton at 9pm and then The Day Ends set fire to the whole damn thing at 10pm. Boom. More info right here. Be there or be Theresa May's flyaway hair.

PS: Check out The Day Ends' Miles Perhower and CPM's Sean smashing out the beats at last Sunday's Sunday Xpress (tried to embed the video but Facebook's not playing ball for some reason...sucking balls yes, playing ball no. Technology eh?!).

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