Friday, March 24, 2017

The Orielles - Sugar Tastes Like Salt

Perhaps it's an age thing or maybe it's all down to the click click click culture we're all mired in these days but I'm increasingly finding that if a track doesn't grab me by the unmentionables in a second or two I'm off looking for something else like a mangy bloodhound. Who knows maybe I'm missing out on some great stuff but I do like a band - and a track - that makes me want to listen on from the very first second and this latest release from hotly tipped Halifax trio The Orielles does just that. It's worth sticking around for too. Starting off with a bit of a 60s almost Stereolab-ish vibe it morphs into something worthy of The Breeders at their 90s best, adding a little Slits-ish skank along the way. At 8 minutes 2 seconds it's longer than some albums but impressively it still make me click back to the start again. And these days that takes some doing. Enjoy.

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