Friday, March 03, 2017

1994 and all that...

It's 1994 day on 6 Music today. That was only a few years ago right? What...23 years ago? Good grief. Whoever says 'time flies' isn't lying. Back in 1994 I was working in the Customer Service department of Birmingham Cable Communications (now Virgin Media), Mrs B was a student (and still two years away from being Mrs B actually) and we were saving to buy our first house together so money was, as Mick Hucknall put it, too tight to mention.

We managed the odd gig though (more than we're managing right now but that's partially down to our location and partially down being too tight to mention again) and one of the ones that really stands out from 1994 was the Credit To The Nation gig at Edwards on, or around, the same day that the suicide of Kurt Cobain was announced.

If you ever made it to Edwards you'll know it was pretty compact, more than a little moist when it was full and loud as heck. Opening act Collapsed Lung (at least I think they were) were so loud in facts that they reduced my insides to mush before Credit To The Nation came on and Matty Hanson (lead rapper) paid a quick but heartfelt tribute to Kurt before launching into a blistering run through Call It What You Want. Sadly Credit To The Nation failed to sustain their early promise with Matty hitting the 'erb and subsequent releases performing poorly but 23 years on Call It What You Want still sounds pretty damn good though doesn't it eh?

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