Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Hearing Dec-Aid

Yes...somewhat unbelievably The Hearing Aid celebrated its tenth birthday (in its current form at least) over the bank holiday. TEN YEARS! I'll be the first to admit that the frequency and quality of posts have varied pretty dramatically over the last decade (geographical factors are currently restricting live reviews to just a mere handful a year too, although this might change soon...watch this space) but the fact that I've kept a website alive and kicking for ten years is pretty miraculous. Aside from reminding me of what the hell I've been doing with myself writing this blog has put me in touch with some ruddy lovely people, bands, reviewers, photographers, promoters, fellow gig goers and it's only due to their support and friendship over the years that I've kept going...so you've got them to blame/thank depending on your point of view. Anyway before this descends into some kind of awkward award acceptance speech thanks for reading and if I've turned you on (steady now) to just one new song or artist over the years then consider me chuffed. Speaking of which wrap your eyes and ears around this suitably celebratory new one from Petite Meller.


Mrs B said...

10 years wow! Well done you! Many congratulations lovely, it's been lots of fun and long may it continue. x :)

The Baron said...

Awwwww bless you, time flies when you're having fun! x