Friday, August 12, 2016

Beautiful Days 2016, picks and pieces

My festival going's been woeful this year. Just Let's Rock Exeter which doesn't really count as it's only one day and night. Where's the fun in that eh? So I'd really better make the most of next week's Beautiful Days, The Levellers' annual knees up that seems to sell out every year attracting the kind of rabid following that only the best fests get (try saying that after six pints of cider). The line-ups stuffed full of guaranteed crowd pleasers (James, Leftfield, The Proclaimers, Billy'll be interesting to hear what he's got to say about the state of the nation...Reef, Terrorvision, Cud (acoustic...that'll be cool), The Damned (playing the seminal Damned, Damned, Damned) and The Levellers...naturally) plus some slightly lesser known acts. Here, in my humble opinion, are a few that you shouldn't miss (that's if you're going of course, if you're not then you're excused, probably doing the gardening, popping to Ikea or indulging in some mild S&M I guess...enjoy):

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