Friday, August 05, 2016

Bed(lam) and buried...The Bedlam Six split

It's always sad when a band you've  really enjoyed live splits up. Okay given the number of bands I've been lucky enough to see over the years it's a bit of an occupational hazard but news that The Bedlam Six are calling it a day and in particular the band's frontman Louis Barrabas' blog posting about it all is more than a tad depressing. I'm stuffed full of admiration for anyone who tries to make a living doing something they really really love, despite (or maybe because of) the lack of money, success and comfort that a 'regular' job might give them. Louis and co have been at it for a decade and, even though they received some gushing and well deserved press over the years, they never made it 'big'. I'm not going to bash the success of much lesser bands who have (not again anyway), after all it's not their fault if they get sucked into the hype machine and spat out as the next big thing eagerly guzzled up by a public with the attention span of a goldfish with Alzheimer's. Perhaps its always been this bad, but in a world that's lost some genuine musical originals this year the loss of bands like The Bedlam Six still sucks. Good luck to all six of 'em and to anyone else thinking of starting out in the music 'biz' have a read of Louis' Some Advice For Bands Starting Out bit at the end of his blog posting. Wise words from someone who's been there, done that and clearly has the scars to prove it...

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