Friday, April 29, 2016

Nigel Thomas – Travelling Man

10 years. That’s how long I’ve been writing this blog. 10 ruddy years. Lord knows how many acts I’ve seen in that time but, for a while at least, a gig a week wasn’t uncommon and once or twice I even hit the dizzy heights of four in a row. I know...hardcore eh?

Anyway, way back in 2006 when I was a fresh faced 36 year old (ahem) one of the first bands I reviewed and got behind were The Foxes, purveyors of classic English pop who bravely gave up their ‘proper’ jobs in a bold attempt to make it in the evil old music biz without the aid of a net...or label. They had the tunes. They had the energy. But, and this is something that’s all too familiar sadly, they simply didn’t have the luck that springs some bands to fame and fortune and denies others the success they deserve.

But now the band’s lead singer, Nigel Thomas, is back, back, back with a brand new solo album that’s a winning mix of indie rock and more stripped back folkier stuff. Opening number Fever’s all old school Hammond organ, stabbing guitar and white boy blues, Ghost Hunter adds a little skank swing to affairs and the album’s title track features some gloriously dirty guitar solos. The mellower material’s just as strong, in particular the folk tinged 5476 Miles and the lullaby lilt of Que Sera (shades of Lennon at his most loved up and blessed out solo best).

Recorded and mixed by Luke Oldfield (before you ask, yes, Mike’s son) it’s an accomplished collection of songs from a man whose own musical journey has hopefully only just begun. 

Physical copies (CD and Vinyl!) of Travelling Man are available right here. It’s also available via Amazon and iTunes. 

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