Monday, May 09, 2016

Vinyl scoop...The Jacksons - Lovely One

One of the benefits of the vinyl revival is a bit of a rebirth for record fairs. Oh dear...dangerous. I've been to a few down here in Devon and it's ruddy easy to stagger out with a bagful of buys. Last Saturday's haul included a stack of Jackson 5 albums in various states of decay (I think the previous owner may have eaten their dinner off them...found a pubic hair too so presumably they snacked naked) but I did manage to listen to this track, Lovely One, through the snap, crackle and pop and it's a belter. Turns out it was a single back in 1980 but it must've passed me by at the time. Anyway if you've not heard it you're in for a bit of a treat. Enjoy!

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