Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Just for the record...

I have mixed emotions about Record Store Day now. On the one hand it's ruddy brilliant that it gets people into actual real Record Shops and hopefully spending a little dosh, on the other it seems to attract some of the same bottom feeders that snap up tickets for gigs they have no intention of going too just to make a fast buck...or pound as we say over here. I was only really after one record, a tasty pink vinyl 12 inch of Soft Cell's seminal Sex Dwarf (which is as good an excuse as any to post up 'that' video') but given that there were only 500 copies in the whole universe unsurprisingly there weren't any in Newton Abbot by 9.15am. Plenty on eBay now though, funny that eh? Oh well, I cheered myself by snapping up ten albums for a tenner in the local market, including a mint copy of Carole King's Tapestry. Here's a pleasingly enthusiastic live performance of arguably the album's highlight, I Feel The Earth Move...probably that sex dwarf at it again.

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