Friday, October 24, 2014

Rumba de Bodas - Karnaval Fou

Saluti! You know what, had I not been born English I’d probably choose to be Italian. Good wine, good food, good lovin’...and a climate that supports all three of these life-affirming pleasures...what’s not to like eh? I’m mulling all this over whilst listening to Karnaval Fou, the brand new album from Bologna’s Rumba De Bodas, an equally delightful treat from one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a few). Musically it rather brilliantly blends together ska and jazz with a little electro here there and just a dash of Italian magic to conjure up the kind of album that could quite frankly get the dead up and dancing.

Lead singer Matilda De Angelis’ voice is a delight from start to finish, capable of whipping up a party mood on opening number Sweet Sunshine (the kind of track Paloma Faith would sell her soul for) or yanking at the heart strings on standout track La Ballade du Dernier Prisonnier. Piaf herself would be proud of that one. In between the band dish up a little West African highlife courtesy of Marary Fo, some electro swing via Nowadays, the divinely dreamy Italia-skank of Goodnight and the Mariachi majesty of Mariachi Sun Dance. It’s all utterly brilliant, music that lifts the heart and soul...and it ain’t too bad at getting the ass moving too. Favoloso!

Karnaval Fou is available right now on Amazon...and probably other places...but I’m not sure where...anyway, track it’re clever and all that. x

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Catherine said...

Her voice is divine indeed. Many thanks for introducing me to their music.