Monday, October 13, 2014

Goodnight Lenin - You Were Always Waiting

Hurrah! The wait's nearly over. Yep, Goodnight Lenin's new single You Were Always Waiting is out on November 3rd and they've just unveiled the video for it. Who needs CGI when you've got brown paper and bubble wrap eh? Exactly! Just a few weeks later, November 24th to be precise, the band's long awaited debut album, In the Fullness of Time, is released too and then they play their biggest hometown gig so far on November 29th at The Institute. It's a positive orgy of Lenin activity. I wouldn't be surprised if they popped round your house and sang a few acapella numbers in your loo while they're at it. Anyway, get yourself a brew (tea/coffee/White Lightening...I know my audience), give the video a spin then share it with everyone you know...and maybe a few people you don't...that funny looking bloke at the bus stop for instance, the woman who won Bake Miliband...hours of fun. Cheers!

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