Friday, October 03, 2014

A show of two halves...

This looks cool. Crime writer Mark Billingham and Americana duo My Darling Clementine are collaborating on a brand new show called The Other Half which debuts at The REP on Monday November 10th. Inspired by the songs of the Clementine it's all set in a run down bar in Memphis (so that's pretty much any bar in Memphis then) where three couples tell their stories about that "long and difficult search for the other half...". My own search wasn't particularly long and difficult. I just went into the TV room at Brighton Poly and there she was, sitting watching Neighbours, but I guess things are tougher in Memphis.

For those new to My Darling Clementine here's a quick blast (by the way, in a past life one of them was the hotly tipped Lou Dalgleish who I recall seeing at Ronnie Scott's on a few memorable occasions):

The show's only on for one night in The Studio, so if you want to see it book now...why not bring your other half too eh? Tickets right here, right now. 

PS: If you don't have a 'other half' right now just get yourself down to Broad Street on a Friday or Saturday night. Granted they might be the kind of 'other half' that ends up vomiting over your shoes at 2am and getting their head stuck in a traffic cone but we'll gloss over that for now...

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Mrs B said...

Aaaaah that's lovely. Falmer TV room how could I forget.

I love you too my other half xxx