Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hare they come...Norman Watt-Roy (with Wilko Johnson!) and The Monochrome Set!

Promoters World Unlimited put on some cracking gigs all the time but next week sees two truly influential acts play the Hare and Hounds in just a couple of days. First up on Tuesday 22nd October the bass genius behind Ian Dury and the Blockheads Mr Norman Watt-Roy.  I saw this dude play with The Blockheads earlier this year and needed three strong men to lift my jaw off the floor. More bass than man he's possibly the funkiest player you're ever likely to see. Seeing that he's to be joined by 'friends' made me hope that the equally legendary Wilko Johnson may be coming along for the ride. Incredibly it seems that this might actually be the case (health allowing...Wilko has terminal cancer...although the cancer seems far more terrified of him than he is of it). Either way, trust me, you need to be here. Just listen to this bass solo and tell me I'm wrong...

And here's Wilko at his very best on Later...(with Norm funkin' it up too)...

Then, on Thursday 24th, you've got post punk legends The Monochrome Set. No Monochrome Set no Franz Ferdinand (and a host of other bands) it's a simple as that. Few have written a two minute pop song as catchy and clever as this in the past 30 years or so. 

Tickets for both gigs available right here for Norman and right there for The Monochrome Set.   

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