Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brothers of Caedmon – Runaway Train EP

Up and coming folk rockers...or rock folkers if you’d prefer...Brothers of Caedmon are back with a brand new track (and EP) called, appropriately enough, Runaway Train (Track? Train? Geddit...oh alright...). It’s a catchy little number too, a brooding banjo driven belter (top marks for the banjo solo...far too few banjo solos in the world) that you can easily imagine going down a storm Stateside.  It’s accompanied by three other tracks the second of which, Who Could Save Us Now, is perhaps the most lightweight one on offer here but track three Dragons and a White Nurse hits the spot again nicely, bringing a funkier flavour to the mix (as the kids say...or at least they did the last time I spoke to ‘em). Personally I reckon it’s their best song to date lyrically and performance wise with lead bro Conor giving it “more, more, morrrrrreeee” on the vocals. 

That just leaves the final tune, a live version of the bluesy Doors-ish Blueberry Jam to prove they can cut it out of the studio as well. It’s still early days but I’m genuinely impressed with the tunes and their delivery. They’re playing plenty of gigs too (for what it’s worth that the one piece of advice I’d give to any band, get out and play your ass off) – in fact you can see them at TheSunflower Lounge this Friday October 25th (where they'll be selling the EPs too) – which should continue tightening everything up nicely. Caedmon’s to watch...

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