Friday, September 06, 2013

Pages From Ceefax

Okay, so this is a little left field but that's how we like it eh? I've just come across a band/artist/collective...details are sketchy at the moment...who are releasing a series of albums allegedly culled from a stash of tapes recorded in the early 80s and found in an abandoned terrace house in Kings Heath (a suburb of Birmingham for anyone not in the know). It's a wonderful story...I strongly suspect...ahem...that it's just that but no one really wants to look under Santa's coat do they eh? Anyway, whatever the truth the albums are a head fuckingly wonderful mix of vintage sounds (think the BBC's Radiphonic Workshop on an acid trip) and thought shafting spoken word. I fricking love it. Strongly not listened to whilst operating heavy machinery or attempting brain surgery though...that would get messy. Enjoy/endure...depending on whether you like Psychic TV or reality TV.

PS: Here's Tape One and Tape Two 

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