Friday, September 27, 2013

Kids Interview...Queen's of the freaking Stone Age!

In possibly their biggest scoop to date Connie and Olivia have just landed an interview with Josh and Dean from Queens Of The Stone Age! Oh sweet lord. Aside from looking like the biggest human being on the planet (seriously, dude looks like a giant) Josh Homme reveals something of a fixation with Celine Dion and a surprising gift for mime. Hilarious.

If you've not watched any of the Kids Interview Bands interviews yet get on it right now...just tell your boss / teacher / prison guard (I know my audience...big up to my homies in B Wing) you're doing some vital research's a thing...I'm pretty sure it's a thing. Anyway, watch and learn people. Some day all pop interviews will be this good.

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Bebe said...

Haha! That is too ace for words! :D