Monday, July 22, 2013

The Traps - The Honey Drips

Oh my...I'm not sure this brand new video for The Traps fine single The Honey Drips will make it through Cammo's naughty filter. Whilst I and I'm guessing pretty much all of the human race aren't in favour of kiddie fiddling, rape or other nastiness I can't help feeling that trying to banish 'porn' (which no doubt covers consensual straight and gay stuff, erotica material too) from the internet is beset with difficulties. Would both this and Amanda Palmer's naked Daily Mail trashing video be allowed? Hmmmm. Who's to say what constitutes 'porn'? Having read a page or two of that Fifty Shades nonsense (pretty grim stuff) would the erotic written word be banned too? Then again the thought that 8 year old kids are routinely accessing Gloucester Garage Gang Bangs Volume 8 is pretty disturbing. Anyway that's a debate for another time and place...for now we're all still free to watch a charming young lady dribble honey all over herself.

PS: In the interests of equality here's some man candy too courtesy of my old favourites The Weather Girls.

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