Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Beat Saturday...this...er...Saturday!

Somewhat unbelievably we appear to have a summer this year. Yes, sun, warmth, wasps, flabby white flesh sweatily roasting all over the place (seriously, it’s enough to make you go vegetarian) and everything! Amazing. We might as well take advantage of it as the next decent summer’s not due until 2019 (I know, I’ve been chatting to Mother Nature in ‘Spoonies) so why not head down to the mac this weekend for One Beat Saturday, a glittering showcase of some of B-Town’s brightest hopes. The fun starts at 1.30pm and finishes at 10.00pm...when it’ll probably still be warm enough cook an egg on a bald man’s head. Actually I might give that a go...

Here are just a trio of the audio delights on offer: 

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