Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul Festival! THIS WEEK!

Thank you Mr Charles and Mr Rodgers. Wise words. Unsurprisingly Sunday day tickets for Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul have seemingly sold out completely and utterly now (it’s freakin’ Chic people) but if you’re super quick you can grab the last of the full weekend tickets. They’re £85 which, let’s face it, ain’t a bad deal even if you only made it along on the Sunday...but that, my dear friends, would frankly be a crime. Here are six of the best from the weekend’s booty shaking line up:

Has UK soul had a finer moment than this? Nearly a quarter of a century on it still sounds as fresh as a summer’s breeze.

Okay, so this track might sound like it’s been dug out of a crate of early 80’s Chicago house white labels but it’s actually been made right here in Brum in the last 12 months. If you can listen to it without voguing yourself into knots then you’ve got more self control than I have.

He’s got MASSIVE shoes to fill but Derek the Draw makes a mighty fine Ian Dury stand in as this new-ish song from The Blockheads shows.

Damn that’s some funky shit. The Haggis Horns...funkier than a 6 month old unwashed sporran.

Altogether now...”Young hearts run freeeeeeeeeeee...”.

Were Chic the best thing at Glastonbury this year? Bloody silly question. Whilst most of the crowd would’ve needed a telescope to see the band at Worthy Farm, here at Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul you’ll be close enough to lick Nile Rodgers’ boots. Good Times indeed.

FINAL WARNING – last few weekend tickets still available...they will sell out. 

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