Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup Thingy w/e 1st February

Time for another trawl through the bulging inbox of new music (oh my how it bulges etc etc) and first up the debut single from the delightfully named Drenge. Apparently Zane Lowe recently made it his Hottest Record In The World, but don’t let that put you off.  Sounding not unlike a garage rock Maximo Park the single, Bloodsports, has some neat grooves that grind their way into your skull...enjoy.  Oh...and they’re brothers expect in band fighting, onstage wedgies and a dodgy clothing range by the year 2025.

Sticking with the noisier stuff here’s a scuzzy 90s Hole-ish track from Thought Forms.

And on the 8th day God created DutchUncles. Manchester’s latest wonder band continue to justify the hype with new single Flexxin. It’s all about the high vocals these days boys...

Great ‘Spot The Hipster’ style video for Strokes style punkers Parquet Courts' Borrowed Time, there are some real beauts in there. It was shot at one of those gigs where you end up 68% cooler just by simply being there. The tune's not bad either...simple, catchy, Noo Yawk punk-u-like.

You know some things just make you feel soiled and dirty? Like eating a Greggs' pasty, watching anything on ITV or reading The Sun? Well Brooke Candy’s Everybody Does is the musical equivalent. The pop video train spotters amongst you might recognise her from Grimes’ Genesis promo but now the charming Ms Candy’s doing her own thang.  I like it for the vaguely Uffie feel at the end, but you might just like it for the whacking off potential of the video...anyone with a breast/lizard fetish will be in heaven...

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