Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big, big news...Emilia plays The Yardbird...for free!

If you’re over 30 the chances are that you’ll remember Emilia’s big big hit, Big Big World, top 5 in the UK, number one all over the place, shifted nearly 5 million copies. She’s carried on making and releasing music over the years but this year sees something of a major comeback with the release of her “vintage pop” album, I Belong To You. 

It’s a little bit jazzy, a little bit country, a little bit Hollywood musical...think Norah Jones with a little more oomph...and it features a heavenly cover of Dream A Little Dream too. Somewhat remarkably Emilia’s chosen to showcase the album at free gig in The Yardbird next Wednesday evening, that’ll be the 6th February then. Yes...FREE. You could say it’s a...ahem...big, big bargain. Oh dear...

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