Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Almost Semi Regular New Music Roundup

Been away for a few days. Paris since you ask. Very nice too. Didn't hear much music although we did catch a band doing slightly punked up Phil Collins cover versions through the door of a club near the Moulin Rouge. At least I think we did...we’d had a bit of vin rouge by then and the whole thing may just’ve been a grape induced dream. Anyway, excuses for slackness over, here are a trio of tracks that leapt out of the old inbox for you delight and delectation.

First up the oddly named duo Blind Benny with their recently released Chewjitsu. Fronted by Puerto Rican hottie Jade it’s a classy slice of breathily emotive pop with a faint echo of 60’s girl groups in there for good measure. Niiiiice.

El Mudo from An Blonds may sound like it was recorded on a 1980’s cassette tape...and it probably was...but don’t let that put you off. Far from it. There’s a pleasingly wilful lack of polish on this one that suits its retro Scritti Politti leanings perfectly.

Last up Ruby Goe and Sq1. This one’s borrow from her website...'a brooding retrofuteristic disco belter'. Couldn't have put it  better myself. There’s a bit of a Santigold feel to the vocals and musical trainspotters will lurve the 80s drums and 90s rave style synths nestled in amongst it all but whatever the influences it's just ruddy glorious stuff.  

PS: Oh...gotta post this one too. Ever wondered what Adamski's early 90s classic Killer would sound like as a shoegazey femme anthem? Yep, moi aussie. Happily hotly tipped London duo 2.54 have obliged producing one of those rare cover versions that actually comes close to eclipsing the original. Epic.


Annie said...

Ah, Paree...

Then as soon as I saw "Adamski" I had to have a listen! I really like this cover.

Will check the other tracks out asap, or at least when I have listened to my new AFP album.

The Baron said...

Hi Annie! I can heartily recommend the Ruby Goe track too. Poptastic! x

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