Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amanda Palmer kills it...

Blimey...Amanda Palmer's been a bit of a fetish of mine for quite a few years now but her latest video notches up the insanity a peg or two...and I like it. Whoooohahahahahaha! Musically it's glossier and more polished than a lot of her previous stuff, partially no doubt to her new found wealth (she raised an incredible $1million through fan funding website Kickstarter...oh...and she's married to Neil Gaiman too...bet he ain't short of a bob). Visually, well, don't watch it before eating your tea, put it that way. Oh, and if I was Gaiman I'd sleep in the spare room for a while.

This video came via our Ohio correspondent The Bobby Dazzler who's been busy on a project of his own...well...his daughter (Connie) and her friend (Olivia) have been. He's probably been busy necking the odd pint or two. They've come up with a website called Kids Interview Bands...videos of the pair of 'em interviewing bands. Genius! It's a neat twist on the old interview thang and somehow the bands seem to open up a little more, probably 'cos they're not being interviewed by yet another borrrring old fart or wannabe TV presenter. Anyway...there's some great stuff on there and oodles of cool new bands to discover too. Go visit. Here's a sneaky peak of their interview with Minus The Bear...

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Annie said...

Yep, that's not one for the kids! I must say though, that I don't find it as disturbing as the video for Amanda's cover of Nirvana's 'Polly'.

And I must gently chastise you Baron! Amanda may be married to Neil Gaiman, but like many of us independent women she likes to earn her own money. Tut, what would Mrs B say!

By chance, I just received my own copy of 'Theatre is Evil', ordered via Kickstarter. The parcel is chock full of goodies! I will report back when I have had chance to listen and digest.

The Kids Interview Bands website looks brilliant. Will be checking that out.