Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday morning mellow out with Anja McCloskey

Monday mornings eh? Who had that silly idea? I know, we'll give people a couple of days off, get 'em all relaxed and stuff then chuck 'em back into the old sausage making machine on Monday morning. Pah. It's a double 'pah' this morning in the UK as the weekend saw something pretty extraordinary too. Sunshine. Things are back to normal again now though with the drizzle, clouds and ominous rustling of the leaves. Thank 'eaven then for this lovely tune from Anja McCloskey (she's played with The Irrepressibles too, so that pretty much guarantees my undying lurve). It's a lovely country swing tinged lullaby of a track, the kind of tune old couples would sway gently to across fading ballroom floors...ahhhhhh...beautiful stuff. So if your Monday morning sucks ass listen to this tune on repeat for an hour or two and I guarantee you'll feel at least 78% better. At least. Maybe 79% if you throw in a chocolate muffin and a cup of tea...

Anja McCloskey is off on tour across the UK this week. Check the dates out here. Her debut album An Estimation is also out now.  

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