Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Return of the Semi Regular New Music Roundup...

Yo! Yes it’s been a while since I did some of these but the dog ate my homework, my head fell off and my body was abducted by aliens who anally probed me for several weeks. True story. Right, first up time for some sludgy indiedrone from 2:54 with their new single Sugar. It’s a bit like a goth version of Long Blondes (remember them?).

Okay, this is a little odd but odd’s good right? Prince Rama (a band...not a real Prince) have recorded an album featuring 10 imaginary bands that were wiped out in an imaginary apocalypse. Okay...whatever the back story this first single’s a fine piece of distorted garage pop that sounds like it was recorded in an abandoned church hall on a gettoblaster.

Being a dapper chap myself, well as dapper as you can be when you shop exclusively from charity shops, any band called How To Dress Well gets my attention. This is a lovely low key cover of Janet Jackson’s Again. One for those Sunday morning snuggles with the one you love...or the one you’ve woken up with after a night on the lash in Wetherspoons...the choice is yours.

Okay, where do you stand on singing taxidermy? Watch this video from The Erratic Man if you’re undecided. The song itself is an instantly hummable piece of Summer time feel good music...the video’s as creepy as it. Ooooooh...just noticed that The Erratic Man is actually Bnann, lead singer of much underrated electrorockers The Infadels. Cooooool.

Some songs you just know you’re going to love from the first second or two. Coming across like a demented Strokes Pravada’s Someone Else is one of those tracks. Spunky!

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