Monday, August 06, 2012

El Ghost!

You know those cool people who go to cool things then go on about how cool they are leaving you silently crying on the inside about how uncool you are? too. Chillax...shoot me...go on...shoot’s at hand with an event that’s so cool you’ll need thermals. Welcome to El Ghost Fest. There are cool bands – The Courtesy Group is officially the coolest band in the WORLD – a cool location...a recording studio in’s like Hoxton but without the wankers...and it’s a decidedly cool price to get in. A fiver. Short of making it £6.66 a fiver’s pretty cool right? Shit...even the poster’s cool. Cool.

Tickets available in advance from the bands or email one of the organisers ( If you turn up early (granted that’s not the cool thing to do but you can always loiter in the corner chewing gum and reading a little Jean-Paul Satre) you’ll even get a free sampler CD featuring all the bands. Now that’s...altogether 

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