Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Taking Stockhausen

Stockhausen - A Festival Of Light Trailer August 2012 from Head In The Clouds on Vimeo.

Experimental composer Karlheinz Stockhausen might not seem like the most likely candidate for festival treatment but given his huge influence on the likes of Frank Zappa, The Beatles and Bjork perhaps it's long overdue? The highlight of the whole thing (19th-21st August at various venues across Birmingham) are some performances of Mittwoch aus Licht, an opera so complex that it's never actually been performed before in its entirety. Ever. As it involves a string quartet whizzing across the City in a helicopter (with the music being piped back to the audience) and a...dancing camel (seriously?!)...that's not really a surprise is it? Incredible stuff...

More info from tickets available for breakdancing llamas and tapdancing giraffes. Probably.

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