Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WAZU - Murder1

I'm surprised there hasn't been a huge goth revival yet you know. Given the fact that thousands of our young folk seem to be facing a distinctly bleak future (actually the futures of our old folk and middle aged folk ain't looking too rosy neither) goth's whole gloomy nihilistic vibe would seem to be an infinitely better default than the oh so booooooring "yo yo yo mi 'angin wi mi crew" tinny plastic gangster preening much beloved of kids on the top deck of buses everywhere. Personally I'd much prefer to hear WAZU blaring (as much as stuff can blare out of a mobile phone speaker with all the power of a mildly irritated bumble bee) out of mobiles and, for anyone who still clings on to the idea that knifing people with their mum's potato peeler is the sign of being a 'man', it's got a suitably gangster title too. It's a win/win people. And now for the facts: WAZU are Australians, decamped to New Yoik (do any Australians actually stay in Australia?), and they're off on tour across America soon. No UK dates yet but once I convince the youth to embrace 'em I'm sure they'll pop over.  

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