Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Empire Strikes Black

Local Hearing Aid favourites Black Market Empire released their new double A sided single this week. A side, Vultures, is a rollicking drum driven other A side (my personal choice) Scared Of You And I has more of The Strokes meets The Killers in The Cavern Club feel. Lead singer Shaun’s  vocal is top notch on Scared...pitched perfectly between world weary resignation (we can all relate to that right now eh?) and a desperately romantic hope for the future. 

Cracking stuff. You can download the single via i-Tunes or grab a physical copy from the band - not literally...that’s’ll do time and Big Dave from B Wing will end up taking you roughly from behind in the showers - after one of their top notch live shows.

PS: Their next live gig is at Proud Galleries in Camden on August 9th. Swanky! 

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