Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup Thingy

Someone asked me the other week what new music I was listening to...and I couldn’t think of a single track. That’s cobblers of course...I sit here in Baron Tower listening to 6 Music, Pig Radio and stuff as well as downloading / streaming music from the old bulging inbox pretty much all week long. That’s the problem. There’s sooooooooooooo much new music, all so readily accessible that it would frankly be a miracle if anything actually lodged in my brain these days. Is that a bad thing? Possibly. I love music, always have done, and having grown up in the era when vinyl and tapes ruled the roost (yeah...I’m ancient) and listening to stuff took a hefty investment (albums were £5 in 1982...you could buy a house for that in those days) is it any wonder that I (and most of the rest of the world) just gorge ourselves on new stuff all the time without much of it actually attaching itself to our hearts and minds? Nope. I’ve given up worrying about it to be honest, content to be a musical whore...which leads us nicely onto this edition of the now legendary (well there’s a guy in Sierra Leone who loves it...he wants me to send him £5,000 in return for a share of $1million...that’s nice of him innit?) Semi Regular New Music Roundup! Holla!

First up the psuper psychedelic psounds of TameImpala who, in any sane world, would have their own fleet of jets, a huge coke mountain and enough groupies to fill those empty Olympic seats...and that’s a lot of seats. The new album’s not out until October but in the meantime wrap your ears around this trippy proggy doo dah, Elephant.

Love Regina Spektor? Like Dresden Dolls? Quite fancy Tori Amos? You would wouldn’t you? In that case I reckon you’ll go three shades of crazy for Anna Haas. No UK dates yet...boo...but there’s an album out in September.

Straightoutta Wolverhampton Big Dutty Deeze unleashes This Is England featuring top notch beats from Rediculus. It’s a relentlessly bleak track but oddly all the better for it. This Country’s more divided between the haves and the have nots than at any other time in the last 30 years and this is as good an encapsulation of the latter’s lot in life as you’re likely to hear.

There’s a real Talk Talk vibe about the new Mothlite track which, given that Talk Talk ain’t likely to record anything ever again, will come as a pleasant surprise to some people...me included. Classy stuff.  

Okily dokily, last one for now and over to Brooklyn for Violens and some spiky shoegaze. Hmmm that could be an Olympic event...shoegazing. I reckon ‘Team GB’ would be pretty good at that. Gold medal I reckon. On seconds thoughts the Japanese would probably go whining to the judges again and get us demoted...which is a pretty shoegazey position to be in really.

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