Friday, May 18, 2012

Trad for it!

Here’s a question for you. Who was the first artist to have a Billboard number one single? A record that went on to sell more than one million copies? Okay, not much of a mystery given the fact that I’ve stuck the vid up here but still, who’d have thunk it eh? Yep, Trad Jazz legend AckerBilk was a huge star back in the day and, remarkably, at the tender young age of 83 he’s still going strong. He’s joined by another Trad Jazz godfather, Chris Barber (a mere 82), at a special one off concert in Moseley Park on June 27th

More info for the vintage fans out there. Speaking of which, how cool is this video by the way?

Oh for the days when people bothered dressing up and stopped trying to look like a kid all their lives...

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