Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup Thingy

Remember Neneh Cherry? Chances are if you’re under 30 probably not. No matter. She was an in yer face bundle of rapitude and, happily, quarter of a century later she ain’t lost that spirit. Covering a Madvillain/MF Doom track against a bit of a free jazz background isn’t likely to guarantee a smash hit but I rate this...big time. The new album The Cherry Thing is out on June 18th on Smalltown Supersound. Niiiiice.

This couldn’t be more ‘80’s if you glued it to a DeLorean with bits of melted down Rubik’s Cubes. Age Of Consent’s Heartbreak wears its influences proudly, the Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Soft’s all in there. Ahhhhh...makes me feel young again...well youngish.

Regular readers will know all about my man crush on Norway’s Team Me. Their latest single only goes to reinforce it...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...blissful.

Sooooo...electro and rockabilly hook up in a low rent motel and do the nasty...9 months later out pops Drop The Lime. It’s a weird mix but, ya know, I kinda like weird.

Last up for this edition of everyone's favourite New Music Roundup Thingy, Manchester soul sista Lauren Housley debuting tracks from her forthcoming debut EP One Step Closer. Lovin’ the lush strings n’soul of See My Baby Cry...

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