Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup Thingy

Hola. How’s it hanging? Time for another trawl through the old inbox and first up Picture Book with a jolly electro ditty for the summer bravely entitled Sunshine (I guess Endless Dray Grey Days Punctuated Only By Thunderstorms aka the British Summer wasn’t catchy enough). Anyway, it’s got something and I don’t just mean the 'getting jizzed on by clowns' video (clown jizz is multicoloured you’s all that makeup they use).

Imagine if Syd Barrett had had kids, I reckon his son would produce something like this, Of Montreal’s Spiteful Intentions, a glam psych Bowie meets Floyd mash up with a suitably twisted video. Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out!!!!!

You’ve gotta love Tom Jones. No matter what Jessie J, Billy.I.Am or The Other Bloke trot out in The Voice, Tom can just turn on ‘em with a simple “When I was hanging with Elvis/Dusty/Aretha/Janis/The Beatles etc etc...”. Boom. Game Over. Sadly the routines when he’s been roped in to sing during the show have been a bit of a nadir, but happily his latest single goes someway to repairing the damage. Tom does Leonard Cohen...rather well too.

Ever wondered what a Lana Del Rey / Azealia Banks mash up would sound like? Me too. Makes me want to inject Iron Bru into my eyeballs. Make of that what you will, but I reckon that’s a good thing.

Okay, so I may have missed May Day but Skinny Lister’s new one (featuring Land Rovers ‘dancing’ round a Maypole) still deserves a spin for its jaunty, pints of real ale in the air spirit. Expect to hear it soundtracking the next Magners advert sometime in the future...

Just as jaunty, but with an odder video (seriously, odd) it’s Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic with How Do I Know, a folky, country-ish toe tapper if ever I heard one...and I just did.

Last one for this edition of the semi-legendary Semi Regular New Music Roundup do you fancy a darkly industrial synth number from Toronto’s Trust eh? Clearly influenced by Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb Bulbform’s brooding breakdowns and twisted disco make a neat mix. One for those bondage clubs I’ve seen you at...

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