Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Team Me UK tour starts next week!

You know sometimes how a tune grabs you from the very first listen and you end up popping it on repeat for...oh...four hours or so? Okay, so that's a rare event but one tune this year made me do just that...and no, I'm not making it up. In 'With My Hands Covering Both Of My Eyes I Am Too Scared To Look At You Now' Norway's Team Me have created the kind of anthemic, life affirming song that makes you want to rip off all your clothes and run down the street hugging strangers. Again...not making that up...thank heaven for understanding police officers. Anyway, they're going to be one of the big hits of the festival season this year but you lucky people still have the chance to catch them on their UK tour which kicks off at The Rainbow next Tuesday 1st May. Tickets from our chums at Birmingham Promoters of course. Unmissable.

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