Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dent May spreads a little Fun

Blimey the weather's pants here in England right now. Okay, April showers we're used to...but day after day of pigging rain, enough already. I make the point about the weather here in the UK 'cos I've noticed that a growing number of my dearly beloved readers (hello to you're looking particularly lovely today...have you done something new with your suits you) come from overseas. This shouldn't really surprise me, what with the web being world wide and all that but it's still rather lovely that someone in Chile should take a moment or two out of their busy day to read this humble blog. It seems that The Aid is particularly big in America fact I'm expecting to seal a takeover bid with Google any day now, they're currently offering a half eaten doughnut from the 'trash can' and a soiled mouse mat...tempting. I'm holding out for $100billion...we've got some negotiating to do I'll grant you. in the spirit of international relations here's a peach of a track full of woozy loved up summertime good vibes from American musician Dent May...lovely stuff.

Generous soul that he no doubt is he's done a rather spiffing (yes, we actually talk like that over here in the UK...well I do) mix for us all too, featuring (amongst others) Orange Juice and Kid Creole and the Coconuts. God bless America...

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