Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Record Store Day 2012

Now firmly established as the vinyl junkies annual fix this year’s Record Store Day takes place at record stores – yep, all six of ‘em – across the UK this Saturday. Anything that encourages people into record shops is okay by me and, here in Birmingham, both Swordfish and Polar Bear (Kings Heath) are taking part. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I’ve not crossed the threshold of either of ‘em for months now, partially due to my throbbing inbox of new releases that’s growing by the day. Of course listening to music over t’web and listening to music on vinyl (or CD to a lesser extent) is as different as a microwave meal and cordon bleu cooking. Aside from the difference in sound quality there’s something a bit 'Chinese tea ceremony' about listening to vinyl...the delicate separating of disc and sleeve, the gentle placing on the spindle, the fingertip act of lowering the needle onto the record and the balletic backing away to avoid any unwanted skipping...er...anyway...however you listen to your music, our few remaining record shops are well worth preserving. Do your bit and pick up something up while you’re there...something music related preferably...not syphilis or anything nasty like that...unless there’s a band called Syphilis? Oh god...there is...

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