Monday, September 19, 2011

Odonis Odonis...Hollandaze are here again...

Imagine being stuck inside a huge cement mixer full of speed with Dick Dale, Link Wray and The Ramones, crank it up to several hundred revolutions a minute and lob in a bottle or two of Jack for good measure...that’ll give you some idea of the source of Hollandaze (I just couldn’t resist a cheap pun eh?), the debut offering from Odonis Odonis. Punk meets Surf in a dark alley and gives it a good kicking, Punk takes Surf out on a bender, Surf drunkenly shags Punk...yes, it’s a whole big Punk/Surf thang. Hailing from Toronto the whole shebang was recorded home alone in a tiny studio by a certain Dean Tzenos who’s now formed a band to bring the whole thing to life. I imagine that’ll get messy...anyway, for now we have an album that’s screams out to be played LOUD...actually make that FUCKING LOUD (turn it up to 11 then just keep going), preferably through a pair of battered old speakers, whilst pogoing around like a nutjob. Take a look at the songtitles and you get even more of a flavour of what you’re in for...Busted Lip, White Flag Riot, Blood Feast, We Are The get the idea. Some of the tracks flash by in less than a couple for seems faster...others noodle on for a whole 3 minutes 14 seconds. Dripping in reverb it’s the soundtrack to a world on the edge and, if we all end up blowing ourselves into oblivion in a mad orgy of riots, strikes and Cheryl freakin' Cole, I can think of no better song to go out with than the album’s standout number White Flag Riot, a dirty protest of a track slamming together blues, punk, surf and some truly throat ripping vocals into the kind of noise that might well wake Joe Strummer from the dead.

Odonis Odonis by Odonis Odonis

Hollandaze is out on FatCat Records on 7th November.

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