Thursday, September 01, 2011

Espirito Brum

Ola! If you’re not off to Moseley Folk this weekend (if not, why not...shame on you...what’s that...oh you live in Burkina Faso...oh’re excused) there’s another great Birmingham based festival coming up soon, Espirito Brum (16th-18th September)! It’s part of a global celebration of all things Brazilian (except far as I can tell)that also links in with local artists, people like the legendary Paul Murphy, 360 and Goodnight Lenin here in Birmingham for instance. There are other Espirito events across the world but the only one in the UK is right here in Brum! Hurrah!

Looking at the blurb it seems like there’s all types of music on offer (from Afrobrazilian Hip Hop to folk), graffiti artists, food (and drink I’m guessing...lots of drink...Brazilian’s know how to party), spoken word and various other hip happenings across several venues in Birmingham’s equally hip and happening Digbeth. I can’t find a full programme yet but here’s a nice mix tape of some of the artists you can catch during the festival.

Latest tracks by Espirito Brum

Tickets are a very reasonable £20 for the three day wristband...which is as cheap as salgadinhos as far as I’m concerned. For more details head over to

Ate mais!

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