Friday, September 30, 2011

I know how John Peel felt...

John Peel famously felt a huge amount of guilt at not being able to listen to the huge pile of demo tapes that flooded into through the hallowed letter box of Peel Acres on a daily basis. Somewhat less famously I now get a dozens of emails from PR companies, record labels and bands with free downloads to listen to. This is a very good thing. I listen to as many as I can during my waking hours (9am – 11am...if I’m feeling particularly energetic) and even post up the odd one or two but many sadly get added to the virtual pile in my inbox. In an effort to assuage my guilt, and an attempt to fill you in on the good stuff I’m lucky enough to get to hear, I’m going to make a concerted effort to post more new tracks up here, starting right now. They may come without my sparkling wit (like that’s a great shame eh?), but rest assured each one will have been given the official Hearing Aid thumbs up.

Ready? Ok. Hey ho, let’s go.

Sun Ra meets Kraftwerk...possibly...thanks to Santa Barbara’s Gardens & Villa. Trippy!

"Spacetime" by Gardens & Villa from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Debut single from London 5 piece Zulu Winter, a touch of Wild Beasts perhaps, even a shade of Japan to the bass line. Impressive. Me Like.

Never Leave by Zulu Winter

Psychedelic drum pop anyone? Welcome to Beatyheart.


Descended from Liverpudlian executioners and rag and bone men (or so it says in her press release...and who am I to doubt it...don’t fancy being decapitated by a Scouse Albert Steptoe) Liz Green’s mix of The Decemberists meets Devotchka meets Alela Diane has been described by the Sunday Times as “haunting and beautiful”. Now that’s the kind of insightful cliché free writing I really aspire to. Jeez.

If the Ramones had been adopted by Brian Wilson this is probably what they’d have sounded like. Big dumb brilliant surf punk. Fun fun fun from Two Wounded Birds

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