Thursday, February 24, 2011

The return of the Young Runaways

Picture courtesy of Shakeypix

Since making something of a comeback at the end of last year after a short hiatus Midlands based Young Runaways have their sights firmly set on the future. The band, made up of siblings and friends from Wolverhampton and Birmingham, had been building a reputation as something special and even labelled with the dreaded ‘ones to watch’ tag. However, for their own personal reasons they decided to leave it a while before coming back more focused and with a slightly more rock 'n' roll feel. That, and a few new faces.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Pinfield gave us the lowdown,“We took the break because of a couple of departures from the old line up. Nothing serious happened, just people having different priorities commitment wise to the band. Now though we just want to get back out there and show everyone what we've been doing with our time off. We've written a load of new songs, recorded an EP which comes out on Commercially Inviable Records in April and the band is sounding better than ever."

As well as guitar, bass and drums, the six-piece play other instruments such as trumpet, trombone, violin, keyboard and melodica and specialise in choral harmonies, lending the band at times an orchestral feel.

Matt said: “We’re loving being back on the road and playing some really good shows. A recent one was an Oxfam Outreach presents show at the Rainbow in Digbeth which was brilliant fun and we're playing the upcoming Rites Of Spring festival in Birmingham with Modified Toy Orchestra and Fyfe Dangerfield. It’s just great being able to show off new songs, both from the EP as well as other songs we're currently working on. I think we may have enough material at the moment for almost two albums. The sound is sort of half rock 'n' roll band half orchestra if people can imagine it. For the EP I think the arrangements are a lot more focussed and we spent time getting the production just right. We even went as far as New York to have it mastered by a gentleman called Alan Douches who has worked with some incredible artists."

He added: "I think anyone who heard Young Runaways before won't be too shocked by the new tracks as there are still six of us, it's still big and still brave."

To hear tracks from the band's soon to be released EP, visit

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