Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jim Kroft reveals his 'Memoirs From The Afterlife'

Jim Kroft - Memoirs from the Afterlife from Jim Kroft on Vimeo.

Imagine if Sparks and ELO decided to have kids together (hey, it could happen...they can do all sorts of crazy shit these days). The result might sound a little like Jim Kroft’s new single ‘Memoirs From The Afterlife’ a rather spiffing 60’s tinged, string flecked affair that ponders the possibility of life after death. I have enough trouble contemplating life after waking up, but there we go.

Want more? Okey dokey, here’s a free download of the B side, ‘Cracked Polaroids’ for you...yep, FREE, my favourite to classy me.

Memoirs From The Afterlife is out on Monday 21st February on Jackolope Recordings

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