Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Drum-thing special...Florrie hits the HMV Institute this Saturday night!

Florrie - Give Me Your Love from Ksx Weneedelectro on Vimeo.

How many model/drummer/singer/producer’s can you name? Yep, I’m struggling here too. Well next time this question comes up in your local pop quiz here’s one name you can drop...Florrie. On top of being Xenomania’s in house drummer (the people behind some of the best British pop of the last 10 years) she’s also the face of Nina Ricci’s new perfume. Hmmmmm...smelly good. She’s been drumming for 15 years which, given the fact that she’s only 22, is pretty impressive. Just recently she’s starting doing her own thing. Unsurprisingly it’s pretty poppy (with a little electro edge) but cool enough to attract those hip cats at Kitsuné...bonjour...comment allez vous? Er...je suis un pomme de terre etc etc. She will, you mark my words, be MASSIVE.

Florrie - Call 911 - Fred Falke Remix from Paul Eades on Vimeo.

Get up close and personal while you still can at Birmingham's HMV Institute. Tickets available from our chums at Birmingham Promoters.

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