Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jolly Good Show...

It's not often you get the chance to see Errol Flynn's in house party band (and, arguably, the spritual godfathers of Ska and Reggae), but The Jolly Boys (who can boast both those claims to fame) are touring the UK right now. I'm off to see 'em at the HMV Institute in Birmingham (Thursday 16th) and I heartily suggest you get your bottoms down there too. Here's a little taste from their spanking new album 'Great Expectation'...a delicious cover of Winehouse's 'Rehab'.


thebobbydazzler said...

Baron, awesome cover.

heading back to Blighty in 8 days, we gonna hook up?

The Baron said...

It certainly is! Yep, that would be cool. Email me when you're back and we'll have a cheeky wed (if you manage to get back that is...ain't Ohio under 16ft of snow? I bet ya lovin it...)

PS: Loved that dried meat stuff you sent. Bring back a crate or two.