Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Emily Smith - 'New Years Eve'

New Years Eve by EmilySmith

Overdone it on the turkey and vin rouge? too. If the thought of downing a litre of gin on New Years Eve and dancing naked in the streets has you coming out in a cold sweat cop a listen to this track from Scottish folk star Emily Smith. As delicate as a snowflake and as soothing as a pint of Alka Seltzer it's the perfect tune for a chill out. If it floats your boat Emily's got a new album out in January too, 'Traivellers Joy' (yes, I have got the spelling right).

That's it for me for 2010. I'm not going to do any musical predictions for 2011...apart from this one...the rebirth of the mighty Dexy's Midnight Runners. Oh yes. Don't ask me why. Just a feeling. We'll see eh?

Happy New Year and all that!

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