Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jingle Bells y'all

You know what it's like. Someone's decided to stick some music on so, inevitably, Now That's What I Call Christmas (probably on tape) gets dusted off for another year. Cue all the old favourites...fine for the first 5 minutes but IT OFF! AGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Happily, thanks to the wonderful world of the Intermess, there are plenty of alternatives in the form of FREE (now that's my kinda comfort and joy) mixes. This year (as last year) Baron Towers will echo to the rightous beats of DJ's Chris Read and Marc Hype who serve up all manner of funk, soul, hip hop and reggae treats in a Christmas stylee. Click on the handy players above and below and let the gravy flow.

In the same vibe I can also heartily recommend the Mum's Old Vinyl Christmas Mix...
A Funky Christmas Present-Mums Old Vinyl Mix-2010 by mumsoldvinyl

A very Merry Chrismix to you all.

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