Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sing a long a Gong

Chances are that if you’re under 50 you might not have a clue who the hell Gong are. Actually if you’re over 50 you might not either, what with all the mind altering drugs you were no doubt scoffing down, snorting or inhaling whilst listening to their stuff. Yep, back in the 70’s Gong were clearly the go to guys if you wanted your doors of perception. Trance music (years before it became all trendy), psychedelic freak outs, people dressing up as spacemen and a strange obsession with tea were all part of the package. Fast forward the odd decade or three and the band (now justifiably elevated to legendary status) is still at it. Their HMV Institute gig (September 20th) reunites many of the members from the classic line up, including founding Gong head Daevid Allen and Steve Hillage (ex-System 7 dude) in what promises to be a mind melting evening of space rock madness (if you’re a fan of Zappa, Sun Ra or Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd you’ll love it). Turn on, tune in and drop by. Tickets are on sale now through Ticket Web.

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