Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amanda Palmer sings Radiohead

Yes, my favourite cabaret queen Amanda 'Fucking' Palmer has just released 7 ukelele covers of Radiohead's finest. Seriously. You couldn't make it up could you? Ukelele...Radiohead...why the hell not eh? As part of her ongoing mish to make money through music without the help of 'the man' she pressed 1000 copies of the record on vinyl, painted some ukes, made t-shirts etc etc etc. Predictably, given her dedicated fanbase, it all sold out in minutes. You can still download the tracks though for a mere 84 cents (that's how much Amanda has to pay the 'head for each download seemingly). Amazingly the tracks actually seem to work above and beyond the novelty value. Idioteque (accompanied by some sparse piano) in particular is a winner. Cop a listen and judge for yourself.

PS: Cheers to Mr Andy Watson esq for the (Radio)heads up on this one.

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